Please listen to my recent interview on The Price of Business, a national radio program hosted by Kevin Price.  You can listen to the interview HERE. 

We have been living within the pandemic for two years now. With over 78,000,000 people having been diagnosed with COVID-19 and the loss of more than 930,000 lives, many are left full of grief and fear. Complicating these feelings is isolation, a divisive political culture, and financial insecurity.  Everything changed from the way we received income, the way we shopped, to the way we educated our children. We have been traumatized. 

Resilience is an individual trait that manifests differently in everyone. For some people, inner strength comes easily, for others it needs to be discovered.  Everyone has had different levels of exposure to the pandemic dependent on their geography and lifestyle. Some of the coping skills used to manage trauma include relaxation strategies. It is nearly impossible to experience stress in a state of relaxation. Retelling your story with a relaxed mind and body can facilitate healing. Regular participation in yoga, meditation, exercise, and self-care is essential. Please click HERE for a printable PDF to manage COVID-19 related trauma.

If you find yourself stuck, if you are having a difficult time discovering your inner strength, we encourage you to seek help. Please click HERE or call 904-822-4347 to schedule a free consultation. We will help you explore your strengths and identify what is holding you back so that you can once again find joy. 

Sara Kouten LCSW

Founder and therapist SAFEWATERS Therapy

Specializing in grief and trauma support for cancer, chronic illness, and major life changes

Provider of telehealth therapy in Florida and New Jersey

Based in Saint Augustine, Florida


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