What happened?
How did I get here?
Is this the “new normal?”

Stuff happens, we get sick, our loved ones get sick, life changes in unexpected ways. Peers may encourage us to think positive, and we may find that impossible, even anger provoking. We are afraid to plan for the future. We just cannot seem to move forward without experiencing panic.

Scanziety, powerlessness, fear of recurrence, survivor’s guilt, and feeling stuck are many of the issues that my clients experience. There are so many societal expectations on how people are “supposed” to behave during and after these types of traumatic events. Yes – this is trauma! Post traumatic stress symptoms are real and valid. I hear you, and I will help you find acceptance in what has happened. We will work together through the trauma and will identify and practice coping skills to manage uncomfortable symptoms such as anxiety, fear, guilt, grief, and depression.

I believe that we all have the strength and wisdom within ourselves to transform our lives at any time. My job is to channel your resilience and help you find first the hope, and then the endurance to experience happiness. It is never too late, and no one is ever stuck. I will work with you wherever you are at the present time and build on your strengths to help you meet your goals.

Who Is Sara Kouten, LCSW?

I was called to serve others as a therapist after enduring my own trauma after my breast cancer diagnosis. Later the calling became louder when my son was diagnosed with cancer. From my personal experiences as a patient, survivor, and caregiver, I discovered that the psychological aspect of a major diagnosis was not adequately addressed during or after treatment by the medical community. I volunteered with many support organizations, and received a certificate in patient navigation, but found the best way to answer the calling was to return to college and change careers. Most of my undergraduate and graduate independent study was focused on the psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis, and the benefits of therapeutic intervention.

Subsequently I have become an expert in trauma, anxiety, grief, depression, and chronic illness. I utilize a personalized approach utilizing many therapeutic modalities to tailor therapy and meet you where you are. I recognize that no one is the same and your therapy session should be an experience uniquely designed for you.


• BS in Psychology from Georgian Court University
• MSW from Rutgers School of Social Work
• Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Florida
• Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in New Jersey
• In Progress – Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)
• Certificate in Aging and Health
• Certificate in Patient Navigation
• Extensive experience working with Older Adult population
• Extensive experience working with dementia (patients and families)
• Extensive experience with case management
• Extensive volunteer experience with younger women with breast cancer

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